Effortlessly Track Versions
Streamline Your Software Development Lifecycle with
Artifactz simplifies build and deployment management by enabling you to effortlessly track versions of your Java and Docker artifacts throughout the entire software development lifecycle.
With tight integration with your CI/CD pipeline, you can easily control what gets deployed and promoted to different environments.

CI/CD Integration

Integrating Artifactz with your CI/CD pipeline is a breeze with our user-friendly and efficient Jenkins Plugin, Azure DevOps Extension, and Github Action.

Our seamless integration allows you to conveniently add or retrieve artifact versions without leaving your pipeline environment, enabling you to streamline your development workflow and achieve faster, more efficient delivery.

With Artifactz's powerful integration capabilities, you can effortlessly manage your artifacts and their versions, track changes and updates, and ensure smooth, error-free deployments.

Whether you're working with Java or Docker artifacts, our integration solutions make it easy to optimize your development processes and take your software development to the next level.

Customized workflows

Artifactz offers a flexible workflow editor that allows users to visually design and customize their software development process. This means that you can define and automate a workflow that fits your team's specific needs and processes.

With Artifactz, you can easily create custom flows that integrate with your existing tools and technologies, ensuring that your development process is streamlined, efficient, and tailored to your team's unique requirements.

Whether you're using Agile, DevOps, or Waterfall methodologies, Artifactz can help you create and manage custom workflows that improve collaboration and productivity across your team.

Gradle Integration

With Artifactz's Gradle Plugin, you can easily manage your Java project's dependencies during the build process.

By storing Maven group and artifact IDs, Artifactz simplifies the process of assembling necessary libraries for even the most complex applications.

With our Gradle integration, you can dynamically resolve dependency versions and ensure that your project is always using the most up-to-date and compatible dependencies.

Streamline your build process with Artifactz's Gradle integration today.

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