Version tracking
Simplify build and deployment management
Artifactz helps you to keep track of your Java and Docker artifact versions through the Software Development Lifecycle.
Tightly integrated with the CI/CD pipeline, Artifactz helps you control what gets deployed and promoted to various environments.
Artifactz is currently running in Beta with a limited number of tenants. We are constantly adding capacity to the Artifactz platform.
If you are interested in trying it for yourself, enter your email address in the box below and click the "Request Beta Account" button.
Please, enter your email access prior requesting beta access

CI/CD Integration

Artifactz provides the Jenkins Plugin, Azure DevOps Extension and Github Action allowing you to add a version of the artifact or retrieve a version of the artifact for the stage directly from the CI/CD Pipeline.

Customized workflows

Artifactz allows you to combine various stages in your development process and create custom flows.

Gradle Integration

Artifactz stores Maven group and artifact IDs for the Java resources so you can use it to assemble necessary libraries when building complex applications.

Artifactz also provides a Gradle Plugin allowing you to dynamically resolve dependency versions during the build.

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